Professional Development Blog #5: Segregated Test Environments

As I was looking through some blogs for inspiration about a post, I found this very interesting article called “The path to production: how and where to segregate test environments” by June Jung. It is about segregating test environments into stages in order to streamline continuous integration, as incrementally test along each step of production.Continue reading “Professional Development Blog #5: Segregated Test Environments”

Professional Development Blog #4: Agile Framework

As I was reading through a number of testing blogs, I kept seeing a theme in the people who were making these blog posts: they were all involved in some sort of software development framework, be it Scrum, or Kanban, or XP. So, as it appears to be a large part of the software developmentContinue reading “Professional Development Blog #4: Agile Framework”

Professional Development Blog #3: Mutation and Grey Box Testing Techniques

I wanted to look into some other types of testing beyond the scope of this course, so after a little bit of looking around on the internet I found a website called Software Testing Material that has a ton of tutorials and guides on all sorts of software testing related things, and I think itContinue reading “Professional Development Blog #3: Mutation and Grey Box Testing Techniques”

Professional Development Blog #2: Examining Testing Strategy Beyond Testing Techniques

Since we have been looking at a lot of software testing techniques recently in class (Boundary-Value, Equivalence, Decision Table, and Path Testing), I thought it would be interesting to look into the test strategies that go into the larger part of testing. Of course techniques are important, and you want to get proper test coverage,Continue reading “Professional Development Blog #2: Examining Testing Strategy Beyond Testing Techniques”

Professional Development Blog #1: Gradle and “Developer Productivity Engineering”

I feel as though a lot of the tools that we are taught to use in school are introduced to us, but never really given the explanation that they really deserve. This month I was looking into testing automation, and especially in terms of the Gradle build automation tool. I have used it a bitContinue reading “Professional Development Blog #1: Gradle and “Developer Productivity Engineering””

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